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Variables and data types

Variables and data types
String Processing -
The strings.zip file is a very simple file underlining the use of strings in C++ and information on how to manipulate them. It is a good download for those unfamiliar with the use of strings.

Cenelia Gonzales C++ sources -
Collection of algorithm source code includes. String Tokenizer, Fuzzy String Matching, Rational Number Class, Simple FSM, Equation Solver, Guessing Games.

straightlines1.zip -
This mathematical program calculates the various variables invovled in the calculations of the equation of a straight line in the order ax² + 2hxy + by² = 0. All the conventions employed by the program are explained within the program itself. Author Anish Pasari

straightlines2.zip -
This is another mathematical program which calculates any of the variables invovled in the calculations of the equation of a straight line in the order ax² + 2hxy + by² + 2gx + 2fy + c = 0. All conventions are explained within the program itself. Author Anish Pasari

quadratic.zip -
This Program takes the coefficients (a,b,c) of a quadratic equation ax²+bx+c as inputs and outputs the resultant roots. Author Apurva Mehta

Opprosite.zip -
Allows you to play the Nokia 7110's famous game Opposite 8*8. It offers both single player and multiplayer options. Author Enrico Lorenzo

strclass.zip -
This is a string class that defines a new data type 'str' that basically behaves like a string of characters. The class overloads operators like + to add 2 strings, == to compare 2 strings, = to copy strings etc. Another special feature of the data type is that you can access it as a conventional character array as well. Author Dhruv Matani

Telephone book [zip] -
This is a telephone book simulation program that uses a DOS based menu system. A linked list has been implemented. You will have to save the provided text file on a floppy in order to use the program. Or, you could modify the code accordingly. Auther Victor Ouko

Bitwise AND OR operation -

Simple FSM -
This program can determin very accurately the nature of the user input,it detects whether it is an integer, a float, a number in scientific notation or simply an invalid input. To be capable of doing this the program uses a simple FSM (FINITE STATE MACHINE) to represent the possible states of the input.( INT, FLOAT,.. )author: Gonzales Cenelia

Number Test -
Description:This program executes a very precise test to determining if the user input is a number. This test valid for any real numbers.Example: +56, -896.223, 123,.2335, 3.141592653 are all accept as numbers. But 142-555, 23+56, (55*898) etc are not accept as numbers by this program.By: Gonzales Cenelia

String Tokenizer Class -
Breaks the input strings into tokens

Rational Number Class -
Class to represent valid rational numbers

String Manipulation Routines -
this is a very useful collection of routines to manipulate strings!This code is copyrighted and has limited warranty.@author: Gonzales Cenelia

Integer Test -
Sometimes we need a way to test the user input to know if it is an integer, i have seen many algorythm for doing this,but a lot of them are incomplete since they only check to see if the input contain the numeric values from 0 to 9 if so it is said that the input is a number.Here you will fine a more precise way to test the user input for knowing if it is an integer. If you like this code,please vote for it ! written by Gonzales Cenelia.

2D dynamic array -
These program shows how to create and pass a 2D dynamic array to a function. It can be very useful for applications that you might create.

Chatterbot Eliza 1.4 -
Improvement of previous version..Author: Gonzales Cenelia

58 C++ Progs -
58 C++ programs are designed for beginers to enhance their knowlege by understanding how to devlop Logic how to approach towards given problem.,It consist of program for maintaining Library System ,Banking SystemAnd much more... Auther Vivek Patel


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