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STL Tutorials

STL Tutorials
STL Tutorial -
this website contains complete information about the Standard Template Library

C++ Vectors -
Information about Vectors in Standard template Library

C++ Double-ended Queues -
Double-ended queues are like vectors, except that they allow fast insertions and deletions at the beginning (as well as the end) of the container.

C++ Lists -
Lists are sequences of elements stored in a linked list. Compared to vectors, they allow fast insertions and deletions, but slower random access.

C++ Priority Queues -
C++ Priority Queues are like queues, but the elements inside the the data structure are ordered by some predicate.

C++ Queue -
The C++ Queue is a container adapter that gives the programmer a FIFO (first-in, first-out) data structure.

C++ Stack -
The C++ Stack is a container adapter that gives the programmer the functionality of a stack -- specifically, a FILO (first-in, last-out) data structure.

C++ Set -
The C++ Set is an associative container that contains a sorted set of unique objects.

C++ Multisets -
C++ Multisets are like sets, in that they are associative containers containing a sorted set of objects, but differ in that they allow duplicate objects.

C++ Maps -
C++ Maps are sorted associative containers that contain unique key/value pairs.

C++ Multimaps -
C++ Multimaps are like maps, in that they are sorted associative containers, but differ from maps in that they allow duplicate keys.

C++ Bitsets -
C++ Bitsets give the programmer a set of bits as a data structure. Bitsets can be manipulated by various binary operators such as logical AND, OR, and so on.

Iterators -
Iterators are used to access members of the container classes, and can be used in a similar manner to pointers. For example, one might use an iterator to step through the elements of a vector. There are several different types of iterators:

Microsoft C++ standard library information -
A C++ program can call on a large number of functions from the Standard C++ library. These functions perform essential services such as input and output. They also provide efficient implementations of frequently used operations. Numerous function and class definitions accompany these functions to help you to make better use of the library

Standard Template Library for C++ -
This tutorial should give the interested reader a comprehensive survey on the Standard Template Library and should enable him to use the STL programming technique in his own programs.

The Boost web site provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ Standard Library. The libraries are intended to be widely useful, and are in regular use by thousands of programmers across a broad spectrum of applications.

the Standard Template Library -
Contains a good list of STL Functions and its uasge

\tRogue Wave Online Documentation -
Standard C++ Library User Guide and Tutorial for Rogue Waves STL implementation.

Linux Tutorial: - C++ STL Tutorial -
Example of a doubly linked list using STL.

\tPhil Ottewell's STL Tutorial -
A tutorial about the C++ STL, suitable for readers with C++ experience including examples and working program samples.

\tLinux Tutorial: - C++ String Class Tutorial -
String class C++ examples.

\tC++ Standard Template Library - string -
A general introduction to the string class of the STL.

\tIntroduction to STL taken from Linux Gazette #34 -
Another Introduction to the Standard Template Library

An Introductory STL tutorial -
Hosted on The Code Project, this tutorial gives a basic introduction of the concepts of the STL.

\tSTL Tutorial -
A STL Tutorial including some graphic explanations.

\tMicrosoft MSDN: Standard C++ Library Reference -
The Online Reference for the Microsoft STL Library Implementation at MSDN.

\tSTL Manual and Source -
A downloadable manual for STL and pointers to a faq and source for an implementation of the STL.

Introduction to the C++ Standard Template Library -
A basic STL introduction course offered by Semantics Consulting, Inc.

STL Algorithms -
Chapter 5 of Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++", 2nd ed., Volume 2, Revision 2.

Advanced STL Programming -
A course for experienced STL programmers, offered by Semantics Consulting, Inc.

\tThe Standard Template Library Tutorial -
A comprehensive tutorial for first time users of the STL. By Johannes Weidl.

\tUVACS Software Engineering:HP C++ STL FAQ -
HP C++ Standard Template Library FAQ, not updated for a long time, but still contains some useful information.

\tA Tiny STL primer -
A short description of the STL by David Harvey with links to other pages.

\tThe C++ Standard Template Library Overview -
Another Online Tutorial about STL.

\tHow to setup STLport with Visual C++ 7 -
A short tutorial how to get STLport to work with Microsoft Visual Studio 7 (.NET).

\tMastering the STL -
A short introductionary tutorial about the STL. Partly Microsoft Visual C++ oriented.

YoLinux Tutorial: C++ STL (Standard Template Library) -

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