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Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming
strclass.zip -
This is a string class that defines a new data type 'str' that basically behaves like a string of characters. The class overloads operators like + to add 2 strings, == to compare 2 strings, = to copy strings etc. Another special feature of the data type is that you can access it as a conventional character array as well. Author Dhruv Matani

pascal.zip -
This offers an easy to use class to output the pascal's triangle fully to a certain limit or only a particular row. The class offers functions like displayrow(int) and displaycomplete(int). Author Apurva Mehta

Boxclass.zip -
C++ Box class definition to make popup menu's and text windows really easy. Allows you to save and restore text behind the windows, and create shadows behind the boxes you draw. Complete documentation is provided with the download. Author Unknown

orderform.zip -
This Program uses classes to represent an order form. If you are learnig about how to use classes then take a look at this program. Author Raghav Garg

details.zip -
This program uses classes to takes inputs from the user. Depending upon the choice of the user it outputs the necessary information ( ie.. Business or personal information) Author Raghav Garg

furniture.zip -
This program takes input regarding the desired requirements of furniture and outputs the price to be payed. Author Raghav Garg

Control Library -
Demonstration of creating User control in C# Author ALI RAZA SHAIKH

Visual Inheritance -
Inheritance of controls and forms in C# Author ALI RAZA SHAIKH

Messaging System (Multithreaded) -
Windows chat software .VC++ Author ALI RAZA

A township plumber job register -
Developed in vc++ Author ALI RAZA SHAIKH

Library Management System -

String Tokenizer Class -
Breaks the input strings into tokens

Rational Number Class -
Class to represent valid rational numbers

String Manipulation Routines -
this is a very useful collection of routines to manipulate strings!This code is copyrighted and has limited warranty.@author: Gonzales Cenelia

Integer Test -
Sometimes we need a way to test the user input to know if it is an integer, i have seen many algorythm for doing this,but a lot of them are incomplete since they only check to see if the input contain the numeric values from 0 to 9 if so it is said that the input is a number.Here you will fine a more precise way to test the user input for knowing if it is an integer. If you like this code,please vote for it ! written by Gonzales Cenelia.

String Replacer -
The function "replace_string" included in this program will replace all occurence of a certain string by another one and the function "find_occurence" will count the number of occurance of a string in another string. Unlike most string replacer function,this one have a special feature that makes it possible to avoid buffer overflow. If you like this code,please vote or it,or at list let me know what do you think of it. this code is copyrighted and has limited warranties.author: Gonzales Cenelia.

Chatterbot Eliza 2.0 -
Improvement of version 1.4 Author: Gonzales Cenelia

Electronic Telephone Directory -
Store, Edit, Search, and Delete Records on Selected Directory. Includes File Handling and uses cool graphical interfaces. Password protection on startup with help functions... Auther Vivek Patel

Telephone Directory -
Program providing source-code for maintaining Telephone Directory, it maintains records in FILEs so that it can retrieved, modified... latter. This will really help to the c++ programmers who find difficulties in file-handling. Auther Vivek Patel


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