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Regular expressions

Regular expressions
C++ Regular Expression Library -
A free component that enables the use of regular expression searching in a C++ program.

Grammar to parser classes -
C++ template classes for declaring grammars directly in the code as set of compound classes. Includes regexp_parser class for parsing input upon regular expression definition provided in its constructor.

Regex++ -
A flexible C++ template regular expresion library.

A fast C++ template library for Perl-compliant regular expression pattern matching. GRETA compiles on VC7 and gcc.

Text processing for C/C++ programmers -
John Maddock, the author of RegEx++, explains how to use Regular Expressions in C/C++ programs. (October 1, 2001)

xpressive -
A C++ regex template library that allows regexes to be written as strings or as expression templates and to refer to themselves and other regexes recursively.


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