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Binary Search -
This is a very simple implementation of a binary search in C++. It uses a 10 element sorted array to demonstrate the use of this search method. A binary search is one which is very effective when searching sorted lists. It basically halves the area to be searched in each loop until the the end or until the required element is found.

MT-search -
The search module provides basic search heuristics like random search, hill climbing, Genetic Algorithms, Estimation-Of-Distribution Algorithms, building probabilistic models (marginals trees, graphical models, etc) from sample data, building representations (L-Systems, Split Codes, etc) from data -- and the basic ingredients to quickly code your own heuristic.

Binary Search -
Binary Search is a good searching algorithm.And also Fast inprocessing.

Computer science C++ programs and source code by James Pate Williams, Jr. -
Queen Search algorithm for solving the n-queens algorithm, Morris' breakout algorithm, Dozier and Williams' breakout algorithms, Simulated annealing solution of the n-queens problem.

Cenelia Gonzales C++ sources -
Collection of algorithm source code includes. String Tokenizer, Fuzzy String Matching, Rational Number Class, Simple FSM, Equation Solver, Guessing Games.

Telephone book [zip] -
This is a telephone book simulation program that uses a DOS based menu system. A linked list has been implemented. You will have to save the provided text file on a floppy in order to use the program. Or, you could modify the code accordingly. Auther Victor Ouko

Binary Search -
A C++ Program to implement the Binary search Algorithm. Author:Muhammad Tahir Shahzad

Array using Linear Search -
"A C++ Program to search an element in an array using Linear Search [ Sequential Search ].Author:Muhammad Tahir Shahzad URL www.wol.net.pk/mtshome TurboC"

Binary Search -
"A C++ Program to search an element in an array using Binary Search.Author:Muhammad Tahir Shahzad URL www.wol.net.pk/mtshome TurboC"


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