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C++ Personal HomePages

C++ Personal HomePages
Allan Clarke's Home Page -
This is a compilation of information gathered from various sources below. The purpose of this free service is to keep developers on their toes with interesting, useful, and some non-useful tidbits.

Brad Appleton's Home Page -
Principal software engineer for Motorola Global Telecom Solutions Sector in Arlington Heights. Personal projects. Huge programming links collection.

Nitin Gupta Personal Web Site -
Student of UC San Diego University. This web site contains informations about his research on BioInformatics ,his personal likes and dislikes and collection of links to ther sites..

Liang Cheng's Personal Page -
Liang Cheng is from Department of Computer Science Georgia State University . His site has got some interesting links and papers on networking, c++, blogging.

Gary Scavone’s Home Page -
Web site consisting of the information about the research and tutorials by Gary Scavone on playing music through c++.

Christian Tenllado van der Reijden Home Page -
This site contains publications on "Algorithm Tuning on High Performance Architecture ".

Tokkee’s Home Page -
Sebastian Harl a.k.a. tokkee has created this site and it consists of informations on linux and unix.

Yixin_Yu’s Home Page -
Contains the project on java games Yixin_Yu has built

Gianluca Monaci's Home page -
This site has discussion about the paper Gianluca Monaci has published on Signal processing and Image processing.

Kim Mittendorf Home Page -
Several Links collection.

parsy's Tutorials -
Large collection of tutorials on different languages.

KSU Computer Science Lab 218 Home Page -
KSU Computer Science Lab 218 home page.Located at 218 Hathaway Hall on the Kentucky State University campus in Frankfort, Kentucky

rogimeister's Home Page -
This is an informational site about Classic Arcade Gaming through Emulation.

Kevin Alejandro Roundy Home page -
Personal webs ite of Kevin Alejandro Roundy. Contains teaching assignment and answers on OS, Compilers and Programming Languages.

JUAN CONTRERAS home page -
contains personal information and his teaching and research experince.

Francesco Nidito Home page -
Contains information about his papers on Sensor Networks.

Gholamreza Haffari's home page -
This site contains the papers published by Gholamreza Haffari on "Statistical Machine Learning " and " Natural Language Processing ".

jeffrey's Home page -
Collection of links.

Jason Gallicchio's home page -
tis is an wonderfull site developed by Jason Gallicchio. Please have a look at it, it is worth seeing.

Xavier Cavin's Home page -
Contains papers published by Xavier Cavin on memory management and Graphics acceleration and many other stuff.

Truman Collins' Home Page -
Good collection of links on various topics.

Nidhi Kalra homepage -
Ph.D. student at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Within the RI, part of the Field Robotics Center and am advised by Tony Stentz.

Free Games and Open Source Game Programming - PatrickAvella.Com -
Free Games and Open Source Programming, brought to you by a broke College Student.

Tim Love's help pages -
C++ , LaTeX, Matlab Shell scripts, Talks , Downloadable documents, Making Movies. University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering

Oliver White - Home -
Free Software, including GraphicExplorer, IndexDirectory (HTML indexes), and website tools.

Archana Bharathidasan’ Home page -
Contains the papers she has published on Sensor Networks and many interesting links

Lingyin Zhu ‘s Home page -
Lingyin Zhu ‘s personal page and links collection.

Maciej Sobczak Homepage -
Maciej Sobczak is a programmer . This site contains the information about the various softwares and projects he has developed.

Web site of K. N. King. -
. Here you'll find information about his books and short courses. You'll also find his recommendations for books on programming and other computer-related subjects, and his links to programming-related sites.K. N. King is the author of C Programming: A Modern Approach and Java Programming: From the Beginning. He received the Ph.D. in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1980. He was a faculty member at Georgia Tech from 1980 to 1987.

Piotr Luszczek ‘s Home page -
Contains papers piotr luszczek has published on “Self adapting numerical software (SANS) effort” and other mathematical papers.

Aharon Feigelstock ‘s Home page -
Aharon Feigelstock ‘s personal web site.

Haluk POLAT ‘s Home page -
Haluk POLAT ‘s personal web site. Contains information about his projects , question papers/answers.

Mark Michel Atallah ‘s Home page -
Mark Michel Atallah ‘s personal web site.

Archana Sharma ‘s Home page -
Archana Sharma ‘s personal web site. Contains information about different courses and links.

Damon Turney ‘s Home page -
Damon Turney ‘s personal web site. Recourses on various topic related to water , gas turbine , Remote sensing etc.

Marko Juhani Repo ‘s Home page -
Marko Juhani Repo ‘s personal web site.

Miron Vranjes‘s Home page -
Miron Vranjes ‘s personal web site. He is a teen age web designer, and this site contains his portfolio as web designer.

J. A Moore‘s Home page -
J. A Moore ‘s personal web site. Contains description about the paper he published on Mathematical Morphology.

Prashant N Mhatre ‘s Home page -
Prashant N Mhatre ‘s personal web site. Very Large collection of various good links.

Alex Vinokur's c++ link collection -
Huge collection of c++ links


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