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C++ programming resources

Collection of C++ programming resources.
C++ Forums & Message boards
C++ Forums & Message boards.

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C++ Personal HomePages
C++ Personal HomePages

C++ consulting services
C++ consulting services

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Computer science universities &colleges

C Plus Plus -
Non-technical information about the C++ language, from a basic description, a summary of its history to the latest news concerning this language, Technical documents covering the different facets of the C++ language, from getting started tutorials to specific documents about hardware, operating systems, internet, etc. , A project to build a complete reference for all purposes of the C++ language and its libraries,Source code files and examples for different platforms: ANSI-C++, Win32, Visual C++, and more...

C Programming -
Cprogramming.com is a web site designed to help you learn the C or C++ programming languages, and provide you with C and C++ programming language resources. The Getting Started with the C++ language section gives advice about learning C and C++. Learn from our C++ language tutorials, or test your programming knowledge with the C++ MegaQuiz. You can subscribe to Code Journal, a free biweekly programming newsletter

Programmers Paradise -
Good Site to find Resources, Source Codes, Lectures, Quizes and many more things

Planet Source Code -
This is a really cool site which has literally millions of lines of sample C/C++ code in its database. It also has plenty of articles for you to read. It is a must visit.

Blind Programming -
C++ Tutorials and Learning Downloads

cplusplus.com -
cplusplus.com - The C++ resources network - Information, Documentation, Reference, Sourcecodes and Forums about C++ programming language

Programming in C and C++ -
A web site designed to help people learn to program C/C++ easily, as well as give them many other useful resources

C and C++ Style Guides -
This page offers access to many style guides for code written in C and C++, as well as some discussion about the value and utility of such style guides. This collection includes two style guides that are based on work done at Bell Labs Indian Hill (the site in Naperville, Illinois where the 5ESS digital switch is developed). The list includes HTML, PDF, postscript, and original versions whenever possible. If you have a working formatter (either LaTeX or troff), the original versions are almost certainly the best, and the PDF or postscript versions are probably preferrable to the HTML version. But hey, this is the web, I put up the HTML versions to make browsing easy.

C++ Library Reference -
C++ Library Reference

Pointers to C++ documentation and help -
Pointers to C++ documentation and help

C and C++ programming tutorials -
A collection of links to downloadable C programming tutorials, as well as a list of reference books, an FAQ, and the origins of C and C++.

C++ coding standards -
This document covers numerous good practices to use in large C++ programming projects.

Programmers Help -
Programmershelp C++ section with books, code, tutorials, articles, downloads and more for C++

Association of C/C++ users -
Site of ACCU, the Association of C and C++ users. It contains information on the C family of programming languages including publications, book reviews, links to C sites, and related information.

C++ Libraries FAQ -
Contains details of both free and commercial libraries, tools for C++ developers and source code.

C++ Virtual Library -
Links to information pertaining to C++ and object oriented programming. Covers documention, tutorials, newsgroups, and conference information.

Yahoo!'s C and C++ pages -
Yahoo!'s directory of C and C++.

Free Code -
The FreeCode website is a huge collection of free Internet related source code. Free programs are available in the following languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, and Visual Basic.

Code Universe -
C++, Java, VB Code

Source Codes World -
C++ Home # Algorithms # Beginners / Lab Assignments # Complier Development # Computer Graphics # Data Structures # File Manipulation # Games # Mathematics # Virus & Trojans

C/C++ Reference -
A Good Site to find all the Information about the C++

C++ Notes -
Some of these supplemental notes are good, others only rough drafts or half-completed. Because they are designed only to provide additional examples, summaries, or explanations where the textbook is weak, they do not cover many obviously important topics.

C++ Matrix Class Library -
Compact, Efficient and Time saving Blas/Lapack Interface, Free Demo

Free C / C++ Libraries, Source Code and Frameworks -
Here are some C and C++ libraries, DLLs, VCLs, source code, components, modules, application frameworks, class libraries, source code snippets, and the like, that you can use with your programs without payment of fees and royalties. Note that some libraries (etc) listed here may have certain restrictions about its use and/or distribution. Be sure you read the licence conditions in each package before using them.

Learning C++ -
Learning C++

http://www.swtech.com/cpp/tutorials/ -
BurstMedia help us cover some of the costs of running this site. SwTech.com- C++ Tutorials and Introductions

http://www.activex3d.com/WebFrameSets/VCTutorials/WhatIsIt.htm -
TegoSoft Learn Visual C++ Fast For Beginners Product Description The TegoSoft Learn Visual C++ Fast product is a set of self-study tutorials that teach you to use Visual C++ for writing Windows programs with great ease. No previous C or C++ programming experience is required for this course.

http://www.unixtools.com/tutorials.html -
Earn revenue from your web site. This ad brought to you by WebSponsors.net Useful Free Shareware Tutorials Unix * Perl/C/C++/CGI * HTML Javascript JAVA * SQL Others All tutorials are free unless otherwise noted. UNIX tutorials (from simplest -- to most complete):

http://www.gustavo.net/programming/c__tutorials.shtml -
Forums and Mailing Lists Free tutorials Books Programming tools and software Games source codes and interesting routines Related newsgroups C++ Builder C tutorial on-line.

http://dmoz.org/Computers/Programming/Languages/C/desc.html -
Top: Computers: Programming: Languages: C Tutorials C Tutorials is on, mostly, beginning C programmer topics, but there are a couple of resources for the more advanced C programmers, too. Open Directory Computers: Programming: Languages: C++ Open Directory Computers: Programming: Languages:

http://www.gustavo.net/programming/c.shtml -
C++ Builder Professionals interested in C or C++ programming are also interested in assembly programming or in use C to CGI programming we also offer tutorials and resources for those fields of interest

C++ libraries FAQ -
C++ libraries FAQ

Writing Crash-Proof C/C++ Code -
Christopher McGee explains the different causes of crashes and how to make them a thing of the past by following a few simple rules as you write code.

Applications Programming in C++ -
Entitled "Classes," Chapter Five presents one of the most complete and concise introductions to C++ concepts and programming elements available.

Programmershelp -
A collection of resources for C++ programmers including tutorials, books, reviews, links.

#ะก++ Navigator -
This site serves as a navigator for the C++ programming language and Object Oriented Methodology resources found on the Internet

C++ -

Programmers Heaven C++ zone -
Over 31705 files, links and articles to explore. C++ Articles & Tutorials (266) C++ Development Tools (115) C++ Libraries (211) C++ Links (173) C++ Sourcecode (443)

Code Project -
C++ sources and tutorials. Algorithms, MFC, STL, .NET

Brad Appleton's Home Page -
Principal software engineer for Motorola Global Telecom Solutions Sector in Arlington Heights. Personal projects. Huge programming links collection.

Freebyte.com -
Free C++ (and C) Programming Tools Free C++ Compilers and IDE's Non-free C++ Compilers and IDE's Free Debuggers Free C++ GUI Libraries Free C++ Network Libraries Free C++ Database Libraries Free C++ Compression Libraries Free C++ Graphics and Game Libraries Free C++ Unicode Libraries Free C++ Interpreters Free C++ Libraries: General Free C++ Tools Free C++ Tutorials & Resources Recommended C++ Books

Free Online C/C++ Documentation -
Looking for free online C++ tutorials? Or free online C tutorials? (Or other such free online documentation on C/C++?) This page contains some links to free electronic documentation, guides, tutorials, references, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), books (ebooks) on C, C++ and the Standard Template Library (STL). The various free documentation often come either as browsable web based HTML documents, PDF files (which can be read using any of the freely available PDF viewers), or PS (PostScript) files. While some must be read online, others allow you to download a set to your computer for offline reading.

Programming in C -
This site contains a collection of documents that discuss various aspects of the programming language C. This includes errata for books on C (and one in C++) and the history of C. The site also has a large list of links on C, C-like languages, and programming languages in general.


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