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Program that takes two number as input and perform the arithmetic operations on it.

String Processing -
This program accepts a string and outputs it with only the first occurence of each character. So, for example, if you enter the sentence: "the cat was black", the program will give the output: "the ca ws blk".

Time -
This program uses looping to convert the input seconds into hours, minutes and remaining seconds.

"Hello, World" in C++ -
Code for the C++ implementation of the famous "Hello, world" program.

quadratic.zip -
This Program takes the coefficients (a,b,c) of a quadratic equation ax²+bx+c as inputs and outputs the resultant roots. Author Apurva Mehta

Opprosite.zip -
Allows you to play the Nokia 7110's famous game Opposite 8*8. It offers both single player and multiplayer options. Author Enrico Lorenzo

strclass.zip -
This is a string class that defines a new data type 'str' that basically behaves like a string of characters. The class overloads operators like + to add 2 strings, == to compare 2 strings, = to copy strings etc. Another special feature of the data type is that you can access it as a conventional character array as well. Author Dhruv Matani

Boxclass.zip -
C++ Box class definition to make popup menu's and text windows really easy. Allows you to save and restore text behind the windows, and create shadows behind the boxes you draw. Complete documentation is provided with the download. Author Unknown

orderform.zip -
This Program uses classes to represent an order form. If you are learnig about how to use classes then take a look at this program. Author Raghav Garg

details.zip -
This program uses classes to takes inputs from the user. Depending upon the choice of the user it outputs the necessary information ( ie.. Business or personal information) Author Raghav Garg

furniture.zip -
This program takes input regarding the desired requirements of furniture and outputs the price to be payed. Author Raghav Garg

SysInfo.zip -
"This is a C++ program that uses straight API calls to create a windows program with a graphical user interface. Amongst the controls used are text boxes, buttons, a progress bar, a track bar, static text etc. There are also menu bars, dialog boxes etc. The program basically retrieves information about your computer like windows uptime, current time, date etc. This is done through a separate class. Author Apurva Mehta"

Pares_C++.zip -
"This is a game made with Borland C++ builder. It is like your typical memory game in which there are a bunch of buttons on the screen which hide different images. The images are in pairs. You have to uncover 2 images of the same pair one after the other so that the buttons hiding them disappears. The object of the game is to make all the buttons disappear in the least possible time. Note: This program's interface and comments are in Spanish. However the actual code is in English. Also, you need Borland C++ builder installed to compile or run this program. Author Idd No

calculator.zip -
This is a calculator written in C++. It has a graphical user interface. Please make sure to read the readme file inorder to ensure that the program works properly on your computer. Author Anant Handa

memcode.zip -
This is a memory manager written in Visual C++. It allows you to a free fixed amount of system RAM ranging from 2mb to 64 mb. Please note: You must have Microsoft's Visual C++ to be able to compile the file on your own although the source code can be viewed by any text editor. Author Dhruv Matani

Telephone book [zip] -
This is a telephone book simulation program that uses a DOS based menu system. A linked list has been implemented. You will have to save the provided text file on a floppy in order to use the program. Or, you could modify the code accordingly. Auther Victor Ouko

String Tokenizer Class -
Breaks the input strings into tokens

Breaking Numbers -
this code can be use for breaking numbers.An example of it: lets say that a user enter "561365" as input, the program will put every single digits of this number into an array.So later you can do any manipulation that requires to use this number's digits.By: Gonzales Cenelia

Telephone Bill Center -
Tellphone Bill Center Program. Auther Gouri Nair

58 C++ Progs -
58 C++ programs are designed for beginers to enhance their knowlege by understanding how to devlop Logic how to approach towards given problem.,It consist of program for maintaining Library System ,Banking SystemAnd much more... Auther Vivek Patel

Database -
DataBase keeping program explained with a sample program Ranking Database , Library keeping , Record Keeping. Auther Vivek Patel

Text Alignment -
Text Alignment will provide you the source-code of Right Alignment and Center Alignment. Auther Vivek Patel

Matrix Operations -
Matrix Operation program is develped by considering three basic and most useful matrix operation such as Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication...with these basic understanding user can developed all other operations by applying their logic. Auther Vivek Patel


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