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Arrays & Vectors

Arrays & Vectors
Random Numbers -
The random.zip file shows you how to generate random numbers and store them in an array. Furthermore, it shows you how to sort the array in ascending order using functions.

Vivek Patel C++ Sources -
Data Structures(Arrays, Linked List, Stack) and Algorithm related sources.

password.zip -
This is a simple C program which basically compares two strings and reports whether they are the same or not. Author Anish Pasari

Opprosite.zip -
Allows you to play the Nokia 7110's famous game Opposite 8*8. It offers both single player and multiplayer options. Author Enrico Lorenzo

strclass.zip -
This is a string class that defines a new data type 'str' that basically behaves like a string of characters. The class overloads operators like + to add 2 strings, == to compare 2 strings, = to copy strings etc. Another special feature of the data type is that you can access it as a conventional character array as well. Author Dhruv Matani

kbc.zip -
This is a quiz program which resembles 'How to become a millionaire' or the Indian version 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'. It is built in Turbo C++ ver 3.00 and can be compiled using that compiler only. It sports a dos based GUI. Author Anant Handa

Checking C++ codes for brackets -

Number Test -
Description:This program executes a very precise test to determining if the user input is a number. This test valid for any real numbers.Example: +56, -896.223, 123,.2335, 3.141592653 are all accept as numbers. But 142-555, 23+56, (55*898) etc are not accept as numbers by this program.By: Gonzales Cenelia

Lines Counter -
Have you ever wanted to count the lines of your code in C or C++ without the commentaries and blank lines,well with this program you can do it. I hope that you people will find it useful ! If so,please rate it. This code can be use freely for none commercial purpose If you ever want to use it for some commercial purpose,please contact me first.author: Gonzales Cenelia

Perceptron Neural Net -
This program features a complete Perceptron Neural Net Application.The perceptron is a program that learn concepts, i.e. it can learn to respond with True (1) or False (0) for inputs we present to it, by repeatedly "studying" examples presented to it. The Perceptron is a single layer neural network whose weights and biases could be trained to produce a correct target vector when presented with the corresponding input vector.The training technique used is called the perceptron learning rule.The perceptron generated great interest due to its ability to generalize from its training vectors and work with randomly distributed connections. Perceptrons are especially suited for simple problems in pattern classification.@author: Gonzales Cenelia

String Manipulation Routines -
this is a very useful collection of routines to manipulate strings!This code is copyrighted and has limited warranty.@author: Gonzales Cenelia

Breaking Numbers -
this code can be use for breaking numbers.An example of it: lets say that a user enter "561365" as input, the program will put every single digits of this number into an array.So later you can do any manipulation that requires to use this number's digits.By: Gonzales Cenelia

2D dynamic array -
These program shows how to create and pass a 2D dynamic array to a function. It can be very useful for applications that you might create.

String Replacer -
The function "replace_string" included in this program will replace all occurence of a certain string by another one and the function "find_occurence" will count the number of occurance of a string in another string. Unlike most string replacer function,this one have a special feature that makes it possible to avoid buffer overflow. If you like this code,please vote or it,or at list let me know what do you think of it. this code is copyrighted and has limited warranties.author: Gonzales Cenelia.

58 C++ Progs -
58 C++ programs are designed for beginers to enhance their knowlege by understanding how to devlop Logic how to approach towards given problem.,It consist of program for maintaining Library System ,Banking SystemAnd much more... Auther Vivek Patel

Moon Labs -
Supplement website for the books: Information about these books, such as table of contents, source code, and errata.


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