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Engineering source code
compinfo.zip -
This program displays some very basic information about your computer like memory load, total available memory, total memory, time zone info, current date and time and so on. It is presented in a dos interface only. Author Apurva Mehta

threads.zip -
This download contains classes for creating multi-threaded applications. These classes act as wrappers for the Windows API so you will not have to use the API directly for creating multi-threaded applications anymore. A readme file and a demo program are inluded with the download. Author Dhruv Matani

pssret.zip -
"This is an application that displays the password in any password box that your mouse rolls over. It has a Windows GUI and uses resources. Note: This program only works in Windows 95/98/ME. It also has a tendency to crash on exit (ie.. perform an illegal operation).

Solving NonLinear Equations -

Packet Capturing -
Networking simulation of data packet capturing C# Author ALI RAZA

Program that perform all the scheduling algoritms on a given process like FIFO, -
Demonstration of Operationg System scheduling Algorithms.VC++ Author ALI RAZA

TCP Client & Server -
C# Author ALI RAZA

TCP Client & Server -
Chat client and server in C# Author ALI RAZA

TCP Client & Server -
C# Author ALI RAZA

Huffman Coding (Encryption) -
Huffman Coding Encryption. Huffman coding is to use an encryption key to. shuffle the Huffman tree before the encoding. C++ Author ALI RAZA SHAIKH

Gauss Jacobi -
Solution of euation by Gauss Jacobi C# Author FIDA HUSSAIN

Gauss Seidal -
Solution of euation by Gauss Seidal C# Author FIDA HUSSAIN

Fixed Point Iteration -
Solution of euation by Fixed Point Iteration C# Author FIDA HUSSAIN

Bisection -

Lagrangian-Polynomial -
Solution of euation by Lagrangian-Polynomial C# Author FIDA HUSSAIN

Convert Postfix into infix and prefix -

Modified-False Position -
solution of equation C# Author FIDA HUSSAIN

Newton-Raphson -

Simple FSM -
This program can determin very accurately the nature of the user input,it detects whether it is an integer, a float, a number in scientific notation or simply an invalid input. To be capable of doing this the program uses a simple FSM (FINITE STATE MACHINE) to represent the possible states of the input.( INT, FLOAT,.. )author: Gonzales Cenelia

Perceptron Neural Net -
This program features a complete Perceptron Neural Net Application.The perceptron is a program that learn concepts, i.e. it can learn to respond with True (1) or False (0) for inputs we present to it, by repeatedly "studying" examples presented to it. The Perceptron is a single layer neural network whose weights and biases could be trained to produce a correct target vector when presented with the corresponding input vector.The training technique used is called the perceptron learning rule.The perceptron generated great interest due to its ability to generalize from its training vectors and work with randomly distributed connections. Perceptrons are especially suited for simple problems in pattern classification.@author: Gonzales Cenelia

Equation Solver -
These program can solve first and second degree polynomial equation. It evens works when the roots are complex numbers(when delta is a negative value).By: Gonzales Cenelia

Chatterbot Eliza 1.0 -
These program is an Eliza like chatterbot,bots like Eliza are the results of researchs in Artificial Intelligence (more specificly: in NLP and NLU) NLP: Natural Language Processing, NLU: Natural Language Understanding capable of finding them by reading the "source code".Author: Gonzales Cenelia

Chatterbot Eliza 1.4 -
Improvement of previous version..Author: Gonzales Cenelia

Chatterbot Eliza 2.0 -
Improvement of version 1.4 Author: Gonzales Cenelia

Scanner -
Program find for the given string entered is whether Identifier Integer number Real number it check all posibility and determine the validity of entered string. Based on Deterministic Finite Automation (DFA) for a REAL number with optional Integer and Fractional Part. Auther Vivek Patel

Matrix Operations -
Matrix Operation program is develped by considering three basic and most useful matrix operation such as Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication...with these basic understanding user can developed all other operations by applying their logic. Auther Vivek Patel


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