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C++ Source Code archives

Usefull collections of source code, programs, tutorials and help.
FoosYerDoos programming -
This website is devoted to win32 C++ programming with a variety of different compilers including but not necessarily limited to Borland BCC5.5 command line, mingw(DevC++ IDE) and MS VC++.

Planet of Source Code -
C++ sources from planet of source code. Algorithms, DataStructures, Math. 1,014,462 lines of code.

Code Beach -
C++ Source Code Colection. Applications, MFC, graphics. Small colection

Code Project -
C++ sources and tutorials. Algorithms, MFC, STL, .NET

Collection of sources C,C++ and other languages by Muhammad Tahir Shahzad. C++ sections includes. Algortihms, Data Structures, Numerical Analysis and other topics.

kbc.zip -
This is a quiz program which resembles 'How to become a millionaire' or the Indian version 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'. It is built in Turbo C++ ver 3.00 and can be compiled using that compiler only. It sports a dos based GUI. Author Anant Handa

pascal.zip -
This offers an easy to use class to output the pascal's triangle fully to a certain limit or only a particular row. The class offers functions like displayrow(int) and displaycomplete(int). Author Apurva Mehta

color.zip -
A program which when copied to the windows/command directory, and then run from the run dialog box accompanied by the name of a color will display all text within the program in that color. eg: to make the color of the text red, copy the file color.exe to the windows/command directory and then type the following into the run dialog box: color red. This will make the text within the program red. Please read the accompanying readme.txt file for more details. Author Anant Handa

compinfo.zip -
This program displays some very basic information about your computer like memory load, total available memory, total memory, time zone info, current date and time and so on. It is presented in a dos interface only. Author Apurva Mehta

Boxclass.zip -
C++ Box class definition to make popup menu's and text windows really easy. Allows you to save and restore text behind the windows, and create shadows behind the boxes you draw. Complete documentation is provided with the download. Author Unknown

threads.zip -
This download contains classes for creating multi-threaded applications. These classes act as wrappers for the Windows API so you will not have to use the API directly for creating multi-threaded applications anymore. A readme file and a demo program are inluded with the download. Author Dhruv Matani

pssret.zip -
"This is an application that displays the password in any password box that your mouse rolls over. It has a Windows GUI and uses resources. Note: This program only works in Windows 95/98/ME. It also has a tendency to crash on exit (ie.. perform an illegal operation).

SysInfo.zip -
"This is a C++ program that uses straight API calls to create a windows program with a graphical user interface. Amongst the controls used are text boxes, buttons, a progress bar, a track bar, static text etc. There are also menu bars, dialog boxes etc. The program basically retrieves information about your computer like windows uptime, current time, date etc. This is done through a separate class. Author Apurva Mehta"

Pares_C++.zip -
"This is a game made with Borland C++ builder. It is like your typical memory game in which there are a bunch of buttons on the screen which hide different images. The images are in pairs. You have to uncover 2 images of the same pair one after the other so that the buttons hiding them disappears. The object of the game is to make all the buttons disappear in the least possible time. Note: This program's interface and comments are in Spanish. However the actual code is in English. Also, you need Borland C++ builder installed to compile or run this program. Author Idd No

calculator.zip -
This is a calculator written in C++. It has a graphical user interface. Please make sure to read the readme file inorder to ensure that the program works properly on your computer. Author Anant Handa

memcode.zip -
This is a memory manager written in Visual C++. It allows you to a free fixed amount of system RAM ranging from 2mb to 64 mb. Please note: You must have Microsoft's Visual C++ to be able to compile the file on your own although the source code can be viewed by any text editor. Author Dhruv Matani

24 hour McDonalds Simulation -

Chatterbot Eliza 1.0 -
These program is an Eliza like chatterbot,bots like Eliza are the results of researchs in Artificial Intelligence (more specificly: in NLP and NLU) NLP: Natural Language Processing, NLU: Natural Language Understanding capable of finding them by reading the "source code".Author: Gonzales Cenelia

Database -
DataBase keeping program explained with a sample program Ranking Database , Library keeping , Record Keeping. Auther Vivek Patel


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